Comparing Cable TV Companies in Decatur, AL

In Decatur, AL there are three Cable TV providers which greatly vary in price, services offered and coverage.  They include Charter Spectrum, AT@T U-verse, and the newest one called Wide Open West or WOW.  Charter Communications cable is available to an estimated 100% of residents in Decatur, AL. The company offers Decatur residents the choice of three channel packages.  The channel packages start with the Select with 125 + channels then the Silver with 175 + channels then the last one is the Gold with 200 + channels.  All new service installations are currently providing a DVR box.  The DVR box serves as both DVR and cable box.  DVR service is an option.  At the time this article was written the DVR service is offered free for one TV.  You also have the option of having DVR service on up to four TVs for $19.99 a month.  Charter also offers free primetime on Demand service to watch all your favorite shows from NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and more available anytime on your schedule.  Another plus Charter has is their Spectrum TV app allowing you to watch over 170 live TV channels anywhere in your home on your portable devices.  If you are away from home you can catch your favorite sports, movies and shows with over 60 available networks on-the-go.  If you bundle your cable TV with Internet and phone you will receive a much larger discount than with cable TV alone. With Charter you receive Internet speeds of 60 Mbps, which is above average speed for the residential providers in the area. About 100% of Charter Communications customers are offered speeds in that range. 100% of customers can purchase speeds between 100 and 999 Mbps. Nationwide, Charter Communications is one of the 10 largest ISPs and serves 9% of the USA. The company reported doing business as (DBA) Charter Communications in Decatur.  GHN is a proud authorized retailer of Charter Spectrum serving all of Decatur, AL and the surrounding area.

AT&T U-verse is available to an estimated 95% of residents in this area.  AT&T U-verse is fiber optic — aka fancy cable. You get a crisp picture and fast downloads. Customer satisfaction for AT&T is a few points lower than Charter, but there is a big plus over Charter in that you can choose from eight TV packages from 20 channels 590 channels. Honestly, though, how many channels can a person watch regularly maybe 12.  If you already have phone or cell service with AT&T, bundling with U-verse may net you a great better deal.  AT&T U-verse coverage in Decatur is slightly smaller than the Charter coverage.   Charter does it seems to be the best value for Decatur, AL far as price vs. service but in rural areas AT&T U-verse has more coverage.  Plus with Charter you will have the 60 Mbps Internet which is better than AT&T U-verse.   In Decatur, AL you can get maximum speeds between 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps, which is above average speed for the residential providers in the area. About 6% of AT&T customers are offered speeds in that range. 82% of customers can purchase speeds between 10 and 24 Mbps. Nationwide, AT&T is one of the 10 largest ISPs and serves 41% of the USA. The company reported doing business as (DBA) AT&T Decatur, AL.

WOW cable is available to an estimated 37% of residents in Decatur which is by far the smallest coverage offered for cable TV in Decatur, AL.  WOW offers four channel packages ranging from 20 channels to 270 channels.   The company offers residents Internet service with maximum speeds between 6 Mbps and 10 Mbps, which is below average speed for the residential providers in the area. About 100% of WOW! Customers are offered speeds in that range. 100% of customers can purchase speeds between 3 and 9.9 Mbps. Nationwide, WOW! is a large ISP and serves 2% of the USA. The company reported doing business as (DBA) WOW!

The below comparisons are from similar service levels at similar price ranges. These may change after the writing of this article. 

Charter and AT&T U-verse from GHN provides the best coverage and service availability in the area.  Charter and AT&T both also provide service in the Morgan County area.  AT&T U-verse will have more coverage in the county areas than Charter.  Where there is no overage AT&T does offer DirectTV which will work everywhere.  Wow’s coverage is extremely limited.

Service Availability

  • Charter Spectrum give coverage to 99.8% of Decatur, AL Additional coverage in Morgan County
  • AT-T U-verse gives coverage to over 95% of Decatur, AL Additional coverage in Morgan County
  • WOW gives coverage to approximately  37.8% of Decatur, AL

GHN being a local Charter and AT&T U-verse Authorized Retailer provide a level of customer care not common.  At GHN the customer service reps always explain all fees and service before scheduling installation. GHN will never hide any fees before installation.  You simply call and in about eight minutes your Charter or AT&T U-verse service is lined up to be installed.  The customer service rep will follow up on all installations to make sure the customer if fully taken care of and is happy with all services.  Charter provides a customer service office in Decatur allowing customers to exchange hardware for repair of upgrading.  If a customer’s cable, DVR or modem fails for any reason the customer can simply exchange it locally without charge.  There is no need to schedule a technician or be charged a labor fee.  WOW not known to have a local office compared to Charter and AT&T U-verse.

Customer Service Rating

  • Charter Spectrum: 4 out of 5 stars
  • AT-T U-verse: 4 out of 5 stars
  • WOW: 2 out of 5 stars

Charter states their service is over 98% reliable.  Charter has recently upgraded their system to an all-digital network. This has improved service greatly.  Customers can now enjoy very little service interruptions. Charter has been one of the first dedicated to going all-digital.  AT&T U-verse runs on fiber giving a reliable connection which is much better than DSL run over copper.  Many of the other Internet providers are slowly coming up from behind. 
Reliability of Service

  • Charter Spectrum: 4.5 stars out of 5
  • AT&T U-verse: 4 stars out of 5
  • WOW: 2 stars out of 5

There is a wide range of packages each provider offers.  When bundled Charter’s Select package is only $29.99 a month then simply add $20.00 for each of the larger packages.

Price of Monthly Service and TV Packages

Package Channels Price
Charter Spectrum: Select 125 + $59.99
Charter Spectrum Sliver 175 +  $79.99
Charter Spectrum Gold 200 +  $99.99
AT&T U-verse U-Basic 20 +  $19.00
AT&T U-verse U-Family 200 + $65.00
AT&T U-verse U-200 360 + $80.00
AT&T U-verse U-200 Latino 420 +  $90.00
AT&T U-verse U-300 470 + $95.00
AT&T U-verse U-300 Latino 520 + $105.00
AT&T U-verse U-450 550 + $127.00
AT&T U-verse U-450 Latino 590 + $137.00
WOW Basic 20 20 + $79.00
WOW Exp Basic 75 + $86.00
WOW Gateway 210 + $102.00
WOW Preferred                                 270 + $109.00

Internet Speed is where Charter shines the most.  In Decatur residence can enjoy 60 to 100 + Mbps which is the widely available and fast speed provide in the area.  Charter continues to be unmatched as the fastest and reliable Internet provider in the area.  AT&T at $45.00 a month comes in at second running at 18 Mbps and WOW $24.99 at 30 Mbps

Speed of Internet

  • Charter Spectrum: 60 to 100+ Mbps
  • AT&T U-verse: 18 Mbps
  • WOW: 30 Mbps

Charter continues to provide the best value for the buck.  At $39.99 for 60 Mbps Internet is the best value.  In addition Charter does no charge any taxes or hidden fees.  It is simply one rate one price no surprises. 
With Charter residential and business service there is never a contract.  You even have a 30 day money back guarantee after your service is installed.  With WOW there is a one year contract.


  • Charter Spectrum: NO Contract simply cancel anytime
  • AT&T U-verse: NO Contract simply cancel anytime
  • WOW: One Year Contract

Charter has a crazy low installation fee.  The technician comes out gets everything hooked up and makes sure all you devices are connected before leaving.  The AT&T installation is three times higher.

Installation Fee

  • Charter Spectrum: $34.99
  • AT&T U-verse: $99.00
  • WOW: varies

With Charter you have no contact, no tax and no worries is the best part if you don’t like you can simply change your service without a large early termination fee the other guys charge.  Reliable high speed Internet, digital cable and phone are where Charter is the best. 

GHN is your “Local Internet, Digital Cable and Phone Provider” serving all of North Alabama and the United States.  Call GHN now to check out our current promotions at 256-318-1758 a local Decatur number.