New Charter is Approved!!

Posted by David Bernstein
in Blog

We’re proud to announce that Charter, Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Bright House Networks (BHN) have received the final approvals needed to combine all three companies and form New Charter.

Charter is excited to move forward, but also proud that the regulatory approval process reinforced its longstanding consumer-friendly and pro-broadband policies and will mean good things for all the new customers to be served.

As part of obtaining approval from federal and state regulators, Charter has agreed to certain conditions, many of which were derived from commitments offered proactively or are a continuation of practices already in place.

Specifically, Charter has committed to building out high-speed broadband service to underserved and unserved communities across the country and to offer to eligible consumers the fastest stand-alone low-cost high-speed broadband program of any major service provider.

As viewers increasingly use online content to watch their favorite shows or movies, Charter has agreed to maintain its policy of no data caps or usage based billing, a practice used by some companies to charge customers based on how much data they’re using each month.

Charter is also excited to continue to rollout a state-of-the-art, cloud-based programming guide that could enable TVs to access online video content along with cable channels for a seamless viewing experience.

Charter will be making good on its commitment to enhance customer service, including by creating thousands of American jobs and bringing jobs from TWC’s overseas call centers back to America so that Charter’s new and growing customer base receives customer care that meets their expectations.

Because Charter believes in an open Internet, they’ve volunteered to follow the Federal Communications Commission’s “open Internet” rules, regardless of whether they’re required of all companies.

During the review process, Charter was proud of the support received from community and advocacy groups across the country. Organizations like the National Urban League, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice endorsed our transaction because of Charter’s commitment to enhancing diversity, both within Charter as a company and in the products offered to its customers. For instance, the Board of Directors will feature new members who increase its diversity, reflect the diversity of the communities served, and they’re expanding the amount of African American and Hispanic programming to be aired, building upon its practice of making available to its customers diverse and independent programming.  They also will appoint a Chief Diversity Officer responsible for making sure workplace policies reflect its values and the customers they serve.

But they’re confident that New Charter will mean great things for current customers and those they’ll have the pleasure of serving in the future.

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