Unlimited Data from At&T

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Competition in the home internet market deepens almost every passing day.

AT&T is one of the first major internet service providers promising to lift data caps for certain subscribers. The telecom goliath said it will launch unlimited data plans for U-Verse home internet customers on May 23.

For subscribers with internet subscriptions only, the unlimited option will cost an extra $30.00 per month. It will be free for subscribers who have either U-Verse video or DirecTV service and who have their video and internet services bundled onto a single bill.

AT&T said it will also increase the data caps for most U-Verse internet customers, without extra charge. For subscribers in speed tiers from 768 kilobits per second (768 KB/S) to 6 megabits per second (6 MB/S), the new limit will be 300 gigabytes per month***. For speed tiers from 12 MB/S to 75 MB/S, the limit will be 600 megabytes per month.  For tiers from 100 MB/S to 1 gigabit per second (1 GB/S), the new limit will be a full terabyte per month.  The 300 gigabyte and 600 gigabyte limits are increases from a previous limit of 250 gigabytes, and the terabyte limit is an increase from 500 gigabytes.

Beginning on May 23, AT&T’s broadband customers will also have access to a web portal for tracking data consumption.

In an AT&T blog post about these new policies, the company said that 300 GB will handle 100 hours of HD video streaming, 600 GB will handle 240 hours, and 1 TB will handle 400 hours.

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